Congratulations for finishing this challenge and for reducing your TBR stacks.Tell us what you plan to do with these books in the comment section below.
I will announce a winner on 12/27/2009.
Congratulations to all of you for finishing the challenge. Even it’s 2 days late, here’s the winner of this section of the challenge: Cafe Shree!


  Prizes include: Occupied City by David Peace, a handmade journal (with letters) by BookGirl’s Studio, a rabbit postcard by Teesha, and a Moleskin notebook.


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  1. Sandra has finished all the books on her list!

  2. I finished all the books on my list! Here is my post with all the links, and thanks again for hosting this challenge!

  3. I finished all of my books!

    I tend to swap my books on PaperbackSwap when I’m finished with them, unless it’s something I really really liked.

  4. I finished! My wrapup post is here. I only liked three of the nine well enough to keep them on my shelves- the rest are going to Paperback Swap or Bookmooch. It was a lot of fun reading them, even if a few were hard to get through!

  5. I finished (that last book was a struggle!) my post is here:

    donated all to the library, fun challenge, thanks for hosting.

  6. I finished all my books for this challenge.

    I will trade some of the books for other ones at a used book store.

    I will keep just a couple.

  7. I finished! Woohoo! Thanks for hosting this challenge, it was a lot of fun.

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